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Cali Rider is one of those whores who thinks she is smarter than the rest of the world. That is a common trope in whoredom. They think that they are getting over on the world, when the world, ironically, is getting over on them. Not to mention getting off too. At home she has a loving boyfriend who has no idea that Big Red, Bootleg and Duke Skywalker are going to turn this little pudgy slut into a pile of melted soul. She begins by taking the cocks down her throat until her obvious physique, which was storing a lot of undigested calories, busted in a deluge of chunks. She realized then that she was not getting over on anyone, but rather, she became the object of her own lies and deceit. After her throat was tenderized in a volley of perverted positions, Red, Boots, and Duke dumped their loads on her. She sat there bewildered trying to get it off her eyes and mouth as the semen began to overwhelm her. Then, the obligatory surprise treat at the end. She was not amused in the least.

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